Concert Paris

I made some fan-art pictures... Maybe even you don't know who I am (if you're not in the Official Lindsey Stirling Fan Group on Facebook), you maybe already have seen a picture I made (espacially if you're a Lindsey'fan).
This the picture of the thumbnail of her Assassin's Creed video... YES! I DID IT THIS ONE!!!

How is it possible? First, I known she's prepared this video and I thank to remake this logo...

I share it with the Facebook group and see how fans liked it. So, I decided to improve it... And when Lindsey posted this photo, I took it, I put the logo on and share it again...

After that, Kat (a Lindsey's friend) send it to her (Thanks again Kat!) and she decided to use it for her video...
I discovered it when I receveid the notification of YouTube which announce the release of the video and I was very happy (and I'm still happy). Thanks Lindsey!!!

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